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​Conveyor belt sushi Katsuissen commitment

​Craftsmen carefully hold it consistently. There is no compromise just because it is conveyor belt sushi. At Katsuissen Minami 3-jo, our sincere desire is to serve authentic sushi at reasonable prices.



sushi vinegar

Sushi vinegar, which determines the umami of rice and influences the taste of toppings, Carefully selected from among many, sweetness, saltiness, sourness, those Pursuing a combination that feels umami and mouth-watering. I use it fresh Excellent compatibility with rice.



The sushi rice uses an original blend of 100% Hokkaido rice. Considering local production for local consumption, we are particular about Hokkaido rice and explore the best blend for sushi. We have created the most delicious shari that comes from the perfect balance when it is combined with the toppings to make sushi.



sushi material

We also focus on fresh ingredients from Hokkaido, and purchase them from markets and fishing ports every day. We use carefully selected seafood from various parts of Hokkaido, and we work (preparing) to maximize the original taste of the ingredients by cooking methods that match the ingredients.




Soy sauce

Soy sauce is neither too thick nor too thin

​Using the bonito and kombu stock to bring out the flavor

Considering the salt concentration, sushiI pursued the combined taste.

``Nigiri'' filled with Katsuissen's commitment ​Please enjoy the taste and dedication

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